Wrist Workout for Golf: Improve Golf Wrist Set and Release

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Wrist mobility and wrist strength are imperative to generating power in the golf swing // In this video I will show you isometric wrist exercises for golfers to improve their golf wrist set and golf wrist release. Wrist flexion, wrist extension, radial deviation, and ulnar deviation are all important wrist movements that affect your golf swing and wrist power. In order to transfer the power you’ve created from the ground onto the club you need to have adequate wrist mobility and wrist strength to have a proper wrist hinge in your golf swing.

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0:00 Intro to Wrist Power
0:42 Description of Wrist Mobility
1:33 Exercise #1 – Wrist CAR (Controlled Articular Rotation)
3:15 Exercise #2 – Isometric Radial Deviation
4:32 Exercise #3 – Isometric Ulnar Deviation
5:26 Exercise #4 – Manual Resisted Wrist Flexion at End Range
7:31 Exercise #5 – Isometric Wrist Extension with Resistance Band


Hip Mobility Test for Golfers: https://youtu.be/V6K6NZprvfA

Thoracic Mobility Test for Golfers: https://youtu.be/cjGCxebp_eo

Shoulder Mobility Test for Golfers: https://youtu.be/B51lXa9smi8

RESISTANCE BAND BUNDLE: https://www.ulaunchpeformance.com/product/resistance-band-bundle/

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Wrist Workout for Golf: